Jaehoon Cho (South Korea) share with us his life changing experience as resident of The Student Hotel in Amsterdam. There, he got inspired to create the Stella Foundation with the aim of helping people to fight and prevent depression. Korea is the country with the highest depression and suicide rate of all OECD countries. Every 38 min someone takes their own life.Unfortunately, Three years ago, Jaehoon lost his mom, by depression. Depression is a disease, but it is treatable. However, because people, like Jaehoon’s mom, feel too ashamed to talk about their illness they often don’t get treated, with often disastrous consequences. The Stella Foundation sets out create awareness and openess about depression in a bid to reduce the number of deaths from depression in Korea. The goal is to remove the stigma that depression has and create an open enivornment to speak about it.

Produced and Directed by Zoe D’Amaro
Camera by Jonathan Massey & Zoe D’Amaro
Editing by Marco Della Coletta