The Student Hotel – Bed Talks Amsterdam City

The Bed Talks are a free-thinking events that connect extraordinary people working on positive change in the world.The Student Hotel offers them a platform to further propel their ideas, initiatives and projects. It does so by inviting them to engage in conversations with each other, inspire each other, learn from each other, and hopefully find new collaborations and friends. TSH encourages the visitors to actively add to the conversations with their own ideas, expertise, initiatives and projects.This three-minute video summarizes 90 Bed Talks and Talk Show panel sessions, which saw the movers and shakers tell their story, provoke discussion, promote new ideas, connect and spark a positive impact on the world.

Directed by Marco & Zoe
Camera by Jonathan Massey, Alessandro Felici & Melanja Palitta
Edited by Marco Della Coletta
Produced by Zoe D’Amaro