Every Saturday night, musicians from all over the world meet in the heart of Amsterdam at the Iranian Teahouse Mezrab to play in fascinating jam-sessions. The Mezrab is a place where the dream of a Dutch multicultural society seems to become reality. But did the Iranian family Dutch artist Ap Verheggen is determined to inspire people to respond to climate change in a creative and innovative way. Is the idea of building a glacier in the desert so crazy after all? GLACIER IN THE DESERT was a Semifinalist in the FOCUS FORWARD Filmmaker Competition.

Directed by Marco Della Coletta and Zoe D’Amaro
with Ap Verheggen and Jan Alkemade
Cinematography by Jonathan Massey
Additional Footage by Svebor Kranjc and Hessel Waalewijn
Edited by Marco Della Coletta
Music by ElectRick